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Gettin pulled over while NOT driving, so he claims

and.. F this shit anyway, why the hell do I need to close my eyes when you have yours open! Sir, do you understand your rights that I just read to you? “hell no” is the answer.

This is one funny drunk.


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Stupid silly drunk falls

this guy did not even make it to the sobriety test… he just kinda crashed on his face before it and got a Slam Dunk for the DUI charge.

468x60 kids

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How to fund your study with success

Now, when you have a research project, it is very important to get proper funding… this guy has it covered.

alcohol research funny and silly picture

And now on to the study regarding what happens when you have had a bit too much to drink.

alcohol abuse silly and funny picture

So the research project on alcohol abuse went off with out a hitch.. drink, get drunk, fall over and bonk your head.

OK next time they may need a warning for the research subjects about having a giant headache after the reasearch is done… not from the drinking part, but more likely from the “I hit my head” problem that seems to come up in these studies.


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