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You thought you have had bad days

A horse through the windshield is a bad day for the horse and driver… both had it bad when the horses ass is hanging out the car.

car hits a horse

Its really a bad day when mom gets lost on the back end of the bike… under buckets no less (I think)

Whe its not safe to go in the water
Bad day when washing the car may take some time… 2 days

And… its a bad day when ya know the defrosters are not gonna cut it.
More sick bad day pictures

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Crazy Japanese game show joke

Wow, those nutty Japanese game shows, we’ve all heard about them and they get sillier and sillier so it seems.

I can’t even imagine a stunt like this in the US with some serious trouble afterwards for the production people. sick videos for sure


We all know that the Japanese are known for practical jokes, yep, there are many pranksters among them. This joke here, well… it’s just plain shitty for sure.

Anyway here is how this crazy joke or prank goes… these guys set up a port-o-potty (andy gump) at a fair or some event and wait to get some unlucky fool to have to go. A few minutes after the person goes in, the thing rises with lights and stuff as the guy is sitting on the pot or zipping the fly. They even have a camera set up in the potty.

Here is the crazy video. I have no idea what they are saying maybe someone can translate.

January 24, 2008 at 7:03 am 2 comments

Charlie the Unicorn at full throttle

Here are the Charlie the Unicorn clips from youtube at different speeds
This silly video has been a YouTube Blockbuster.. for anyone who missed Charlie the Unicorn before, check the crazy cartoon out now, and in multiple speeds!

Normal Charlie The Unicorn Speed

fast as F**k and light speed ahead for Charlie the Unicorn
This is the “slow” version of Charlie riding the short bus to school (just a joke ya know)


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This is one way to get a date

Just call me

just call me sexy butt in mini skirt


Watch the latest videos on

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Cool almost animal pictures

468x60 kids

Wow, someone over there really loves beaver… big beavers.


The famous pyramid of Nebraska


OK, thats just really odd.. a diving pig


The aliens who left this crop circle left a distinct message


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Doggy costumes

Well, with Holloween coming up we all have the same question in mind… yep, exactly what are we gonna dress our dogs up as. Here are a few ideas for ya.

I am not sure if the dogs really should be dressed up as a Big Mac though, some little kid may get the wrong idea.

dogs dressed up for Holloween, animal costumes

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Redneck hot tub

468x60 kids

Here is one I forgot below… yep its the invention of the hottub, re-created redneck style


October 25, 2007 at 5:27 am 1 comment

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