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Crazy Japanese game show joke

Wow, those nutty Japanese game shows, we’ve all heard about them and they get sillier and sillier so it seems.

I can’t even imagine a stunt like this in the US with some serious trouble afterwards for the production people. sick videos for sure


We all know that the Japanese are known for practical jokes, yep, there are many pranksters among them. This joke here, well… it’s just plain shitty for sure.

Anyway here is how this crazy joke or prank goes… these guys set up a port-o-potty (andy gump) at a fair or some event and wait to get some unlucky fool to have to go. A few minutes after the person goes in, the thing rises with lights and stuff as the guy is sitting on the pot or zipping the fly. They even have a camera set up in the potty.

Here is the crazy video. I have no idea what they are saying maybe someone can translate.


January 24, 2008 at 7:03 am 2 comments

Wow! I wish I could touch my ass to my head!

So check out this crazy video of this contortionist… and yes, I hope I spelled contortionist correctly. This girl is just wild, awsome gymnast I would imagine being that flexible.
She literally touches her ass to her head… just wild shit!

 Well I can not seem to embed the contortionist video in this page so just Click on This link to go to the page that has the video of the ass to head touching 


December 29, 2007 at 9:12 am Leave a comment

Skateboard silly crashes

here are a few crash videos that have nothing to do with any cars or motorized vehicles.

the first has some not so pro skaters taking a few falls

Skate CrashesThis Youtube video has some kids in it trying some crazy skateboard stunts and not landing them.

November 5, 2007 at 11:31 am 1 comment


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