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Wow… these fools make Heroin look like a good thing

Now this is funny and very sad at the same time… the meth makeover infommercial. I hear Meth is the biggest drug problem in the US now and all other drugs are left in the dust.


I mean, I just don’t hear the crackhead jokes of the 90’s nor the Junkie riddles of the 70’s or even the crazy freebase cracks of the 80’s. Its all about the tweakers now and as a group they have really outdone thier counterparts from the last 3 decades.

Seriously, do you even remember billboards such as this after that oh so famous black comedian(name I will not mention) lit himself a blaze with freebase?

meth billboard

do a google search on meth and you get images like that galore, do one on any other drug and you come up a bit short. Yep, it seems that all drugs that are not cooked in your basement have gottan the short end of the stick. There are even states now that expect you to “drug test” your home before sale to make sure it was never used as a meth lab. (I use the word lab loosely here).

test home for methSee, with other types of dope such as weed for instance, you never hear of doing soil samples in the yard and such before being able to sell a home, a bit unfair towards Madame Mary Jane I am thinking. So for the popularity contest of the 2000’s, yes boys and girls, meth seems to be the clear cut winner and Mary can never even come close to this type of result

meth mouth rotten teath


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