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You thought you have had bad days

A horse through the windshield is a bad day for the horse and driver… both had it bad when the horses ass is hanging out the car.

car hits a horse

Its really a bad day when mom gets lost on the back end of the bike… under buckets no less (I think)

Whe its not safe to go in the water
Bad day when washing the car may take some time… 2 days

And… its a bad day when ya know the defrosters are not gonna cut it.
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Toilet Paper wedding dresses for the ultimate redneck wedding

At first glance this looks like a really cool white wedding dress, traditional even,
however, if you look a bit closer you will see that the dress has a duel purpose.
The dress is made of toilet paper so its pretty much environment friendly since its re-usable. Yes, there is no worry with these dresses that they will only be used one time then stored in a box. After the wedding, you can feel the dress against your skin daily…. or ’till the toilet paper runs out.

toilet paper wedding dress 1
The toilet paper weddind dress below has a matching head piece and train, she better hope no one steps on that train when she walks down the aisle, that may give new meaning to having toilet paper stuck to your shoe.

wedding dress made of TP toilet paper
Here is the back view of the toilet paper traditional creation from above.

redneck wedding dress toilet paper dress
Now this is an awsome TP dress. This really looks like a huge amount of work. This toilet paper dress sports a sculpted bodice and very intricate ruffle and panel work along the entire dress.

creative weddings
Below is a very simple kind of “let me just wrap this roll around you” style of TP wedding gown. The off the shoulder pieces are a nice touch, however they look single ply and a bit too flimsy to withstand and movement of the arm.

creative wedding dresses


This lovely dress really looks like fabric and the ruffle hems are really great

toilet paper clothing
Basket Weave toilet paper? yep. For those brides who really want the fancy toilet paper dress, the rolls of paper can be woven into patterns like the one below.
Its the “country style” of weddings for this bride, all she needs now are some nice yellow daisies and hippy sandals to complete the look.

468x60 kids

dresses made from paper

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Doggy costumes

Well, with Holloween coming up we all have the same question in mind… yep, exactly what are we gonna dress our dogs up as. Here are a few ideas for ya.

I am not sure if the dogs really should be dressed up as a Big Mac though, some little kid may get the wrong idea.

dogs dressed up for Holloween, animal costumes

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Redneck hot tub

468x60 kids

Here is one I forgot below… yep its the invention of the hottub, re-created redneck style


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Proof that men and animals have more in common then previously thought

Like the photo reads, Human males are not the only species that falls asleep afterwards.

horse joke

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