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Horse laughing – funny picture

This is such a funny picture, horse laughing. Its great, but I must say someone needs to take a toothbrush to those way dirty teeth.

horse laughing image funny

BTW, the site on the horese picture has tons of great images for sale so check em out


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Charlie the Unicorn at full throttle

Here are the Charlie the Unicorn clips from youtube at different speeds
This silly video has been a YouTube Blockbuster.. for anyone who missed Charlie the Unicorn before, check the crazy cartoon out now, and in multiple speeds!

Normal Charlie The Unicorn Speed

fast as F**k and light speed ahead for Charlie the Unicorn
This is the “slow” version of Charlie riding the short bus to school (just a joke ya know)


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Illusion – sick optical illusion making dots disappear in order clockwise

WOW! what a cool, cool trick.

I can’t believe this works. I saw this and was like no way… I tried it once for a few seconds not really focusing on the picture of the crosshair and the dots did not go away.

I did it again, focusing on the crosshair and it absolutely worked.

After a few seconds the pink dots going clockwise get a green glow to them and then they disappear one at a time clockwise.

I still can’t believe the optical illusion actually works in sequence, clockwise.

Awsome optical illusion with dots that disappear

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December 22, 2007 at 11:28 pm 2 comments

Gettin pulled over while NOT driving, so he claims

and.. F this shit anyway, why the hell do I need to close my eyes when you have yours open! Sir, do you understand your rights that I just read to you? “hell no” is the answer.

This is one funny drunk.

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Stupid silly drunk falls

this guy did not even make it to the sobriety test… he just kinda crashed on his face before it and got a Slam Dunk for the DUI charge.

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Children, close your eyes

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Here is the real truth about what happened to Santa.

silly santa picture joke

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Make sure you read the sign before eating, drinking or visiting there

Again, pay attention to the signs before eating, shopping or even visiting these places! Now we all know the Golden Arches do not have the best reputation for the intelligence of the employees… but this is a bit ridiculous. I guess they meant closers, but could not get it right!

mcdonalds hires losers

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Now, when in the market for tires… make sure you get the best brand new “used” tires on the market. 10 bucks – What a bargain!

brand new used tires

OK, here is the absolute truth about traffic congestion on our American Freeways!

now for the truth about traffic accidents silly sign

Now this sign, is obviouslt trying to tell you one of 2 things… what happens IF you eat there or the rating they got from the food inspectors, either way, think twice before patronizing

the black anus restaurant

And we do not need to be hit in the head with this one, many already suspected

clinton sign

For more great joke, be sure you check this out- jokes – CLICK HERE

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