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I know there is a land shortage in some places… but this is ridiculous

So how large of a lot do you really need to build a nice home for yourself? well the people that built these homes made due with the 5 feet in between that no one wanted I guess.

check out these pics of some very, very, narrow homes… I wonder how they fit a bed or bath into a few of these! This cute home below sheds light on the true meaning of making every inch count.

the smallest or most narrow house around

This lovely home gives new meaning to narrow driveway. Lokks like they literally built this in a small walkway between other houses



Now I have seen some pretty small town homes, but these take the cake. I guess a twin sized bed is probably the biggest they can fit in there. I really love the picture of the woman in front of the town house, her arms are the same length as her home!

a narrow house


most narrow home in the world

I guess you gotta make due with whatever amount of space you have… so a two story 8 foot house… hey, that was all that would fit there. Who needs full sized windows anyway? I wonder what the pool looks like…



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