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gotta love the peeping tom for having the balls to stand up to the PD

from rotten

Hey, Where’s MY porn?

You may have heard about Dennis Saunders, the California peeping Tom who is suing police in a bid to force them to return his large pornography stash, which was seized during a raid on his home in late-2001. Saunders, 59, was jailed in 2002 for secretly videotaping a woman and a 17-year-old girl in their respective bedrooms and bathrooms at an apartment complex. Saunders, who was released from prison last month, wants the San Rafael Police Department to return hundreds of videos and magazines, which are meticulously described in a 40-page evidence log prepared by investigators (Saunders claims the X-rated material has a “reasonable fair value of $25,000). He wants a judge to reunite him with films like “Raw Sex Mardi Gras Vol #2,” “Cum To Drink Of It,” and most of the “Seattle Hairy Girls” oeuvre. (12 pages)

Plus he has a dozen more pages of peeping tom porn he wants back. Hey, he figures he put in the work, ya know, the production, direction, cinematography, editing, etc. in and should get his work returned to him! Poor Dennis, life is so unfair



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